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Children’s Dentistry

Dental Care for Kids

There’s peace of mind in knowing that the same dentist who cares for your oral health can protect your children’s teeth and guide their growth. Dr. Ginn makes pediatric dentistry convenient for parents by providing gentle, tailor-fit dental care to the youngest of smiles.

Age 1-2

When your precious little one turns about two years old, bring him to the office for your scheduled appointment. This “happy visit” will open his mind to the sights, sounds, and people of the dental office.

Age 4-5

pediatric dentistry fluoride treatmentAt about age four or five, your child can attend regular, six-month checkups. Dr. Ginn will monitor and protect primary teeth, or baby teeth, while monitoring proper development of permanent teeth. He may also recommend dental sealants and/or supplemental fluoride treatments to ward off tooth decay.

Does your child need dental sealants?

Dental sealants are made from a safe, yet durable material that covers back teeth to keep decay from attacking in hard-to-clean crevices. The procedure is simple. We simply brush on the dental sealant in liquid form, harden it with a soft curing light, and it lasts for years. Your child will reap the benefits of dental sealants until the material naturally wears off. This quick and easy preventive dental measure can save your child from tooth decay and fillings.

Call our dental office in Washington Court House today to schedule appointments for your whole family. Your children can avoid a trip to a pediatric dentist when Dr. Ginn is your family dentist. We care for patients from Jeffersonville, New Holland, Sabina, and Greenfield with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry.