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Oral Wellness Visits

More Than Just a Cleaning

general dentistryDr. Ginn and his staff believe that oral wellness visits are critical to both your oral health and general well-being. These visits allow you and Dr. Ginn to evaluate your oral health goals and where you are at in achieving these goals. A more common name for oral wellness visits are cleanings or prophylaxis, but Dr. Ginn does so much more than just clean your teeth.

Dr. Ginn recommends that you still see your dentist every six months if you want to maintain oral health over the course of your lifetime.

Your oral wellness visits will begin with a dental hygienist.

Your hygienist will review your medical history, take x-rays if necessary, and perform a cleaning of your teeth. Additionally, your hygienist may take some time to educate you on oral hygiene so you can be healthier and correct potential mistakes.

Next, Dr. Ginn will perform an evaluation of your mouth.

This evaluation is comprehensive and will look at the health of your teeth, gums, and involve an oral cancer screening.

If any of your screenings or evaluations show any potential problems, Dr. Ginn will investigate further and evaluate the problem. In order to do this, additional photographs and examinations may need to be performed. These photos will show your problems in more depth so you can visualize what is happening, and what treatment should be used moving forward.

At the end of your visit, Dr. Ginn or one of his team members will review your visit.

This review will include any problems that were found, treatments that may be needed, and steps to take moving forward. Dr. Ginn and his staff want you to have the healthiest mouth possible. Any questions you may have, or reminders you may need, will be answered and addressed at this time. Additionally, you will schedule your next visit at the end of your current visit. Our office staff will review your insurance, questions you have about billing, and schedule your return visit.

Not only do we believe that oral wellness visits are important to schedule every six months, we believe they can save you money as well.

As a result of oral wellness visits every six months, patients spend less money and time at the dentist office on various treatments. These visits clean your teeth and gums, educate you on good habits, and identify potential problems before they develop too far. Oral wellness visits are much less expensive than more invasive dental procedures.

Outside of our normal oral wellness procedures, you can review these pages in order to maintain optimal oral health:

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